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This page is here to be an encouragement in the development of your mind, body, soul by way of creating life goals or your blueprint.

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Meet Your Speaker

Hi my name is James Henderson and I am an energetic speaker, teacher, and leader whose energy is infectious to all. 

I currently spend much of my time working as an investigator with the Public Defender’s Office in Kaufman, Texas. I also enjoy devoting time to working with the local American Legion honoring the lives and families of the men and women who served in all branches of military service from Kaufman County.
In my spare time, you will find me cooking as the owner of “Aunt Mae Pearl’s Kitchen,” a catering company named after my late grandmother, Mae Pearl Warren, who had a passion for feeding and caring for others. I also am very active in the lives of my three daughters. 

Abilene Christian University is my alma mater.  I had the opportunity to coach high school sports such as football and track & field at Huntsville High School in Huntsville, Texas.
I started Your Blueprint Life as a platform from which I can launch a career in motivational speaking.
The idea is that once you have your Blueprint, no matter what happens you can always build a great life!

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